Summary of Articles and Updates on Migration and Citizenship Law


Sergio has authored more than 2,000 articles and updates on immigration law, a summary of which is as follows:

LexisNexis (Administrative Law Decisions), September 2022 to February 2023: author of almost 100 headnotes and summaries of migration and citizenship judgments

LexisNexis (Immigration Review), March 2020: “Does s 501 apply to protection visas? Is PIC 4001 valid for any visas?”

LexisNexis (Immigration Review), March 2020: “Materiality: binary vs balancing exercise”

LexisNexis (Immigration Review), September 2019: “A second chance at review? The possible implications of a recent Full Court of the Federal Court decision on notification”

LexisNexis (Immigration Review), April 2019: “Pitfall: last email address provided to the Minister”

LexisNexis (Immigration Review), April 2019: “Can a decision be made twice under s 501(2) on the same facts?”

LexisNexis (Immigration Review), October 2018: “Immigration Assistance: The End of Dual Regulation” (first author of three)

LexisNexis (Immigration Review), October 2018: summary & discussion of “Hossain v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

Migration Law Updates, since September 2018: author of more than 1,000 case law summaries on migration, citizenship and/or administrative law

Migration Law Updates, since September 2018: author of more than 800 articles/updates on migration and citizenship law, including legislative changes

Peter Bollard’s Migration Newsletter and others, 2016 to 2018: author of more than 100 articles on migration law, including case law summaries and analysis of legislative changes

Senate Legal & Constitutional Affairs Committee: writer & reviewer of submissions, including through the Law Council of Australia